September 3rd approaches ever nearer, bringing with it images of muddy knees, huge pools of freezing water, and the overwhelming urge to change our minds – it’s the 10k Wolf Run Challenge!

With so many people taking part from various offices across the Midlands, organizing a group training session is no mean feat. However everyone has really risen to the challenge, taking up their own additional activities and fitness excursions to ensure they’re at their peak to really give it their all – there’s been boot camps after work, groups heading out on their bikes, and the lunch time strolls have been progressed to a 2 mile storm around the area!  No one really seems keen for the inter-office plank challenge though…



The team of twenty, spread out across several counties, are all preparing as best they can and promoting the incredible event for Marie Curie support – a wonderful charity deserving of this level of self-destruction and filth!

Keep an eye on the GoFundMe page to see how they’re getting on!

Instagram – corstorphinewright

Twitter – @CWrightarch

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