Friars Street Retirement Living

Friars Street provides 54 new retirement living apartments to replace a vacant bus depot site.

Providing a retirement home on the site responds to the Council’s Housing Need Analysis, which identifies those of retirement age as a fast growing sector of the population. The relatively quiet character of the site, combined with its convenient location for accessing local shops and services lends itself to retirement living and will ensure that residents can still engage with the local community and help them to live independently.

A mix of one and two bed accommodation has been designed for the Friars Street site. An overnight guest room also allows residents in one-bed apartments to enjoy visits from friends and family. The communal lounge and gardens encourage social interaction, creating a friendly new neighbourhood and strong local community. A number of different apartment types have been provided to provide choice, including dual aspect dwellings.

Ground floor apartments have individual patio areas, some of which are further defined by balconies above. Planting will also be used to provide appropriate privacy screening to ground floor apartments and help define these private areas from communal space.

The proposed height of predominantly three storeys is in keeping with the local context, with much of Hereford characterised by three storey buildings. The proposed flat roof design reduces the overall height of the building and gives a more contemporary feel, as well as reflecting a lot of the local, traditional Georgian buildings with pitched roofs concealed behind parapets.

In order to reduce the energy demands of the development, it is proposed that solar / PV panels will be used along the roof of the long, south-facing elevation.

To help reduce carbon emissions, two electric vehicle charging points will also be accommodated within the secure parking area, to encourage use of more environmentally friendly hybrid or electric cars.

The Friars Street retirement living scheme will fully embrace the principles of a sustainable development and deliver an inclusive, accessible and secure environment.