Paddington Village

Liverpool has some of the finest examples of Neo-Classical Architecture in the world and also has many buildings which celebrate the red sandstone upon which the city is founded. 

Our design draws on these two characteristics, neo-classical permanence and red sandstone warmth to create a simple elegant architectural language. This design language imbues the building with a unique aesthetic which amplifies Liverpool’s sense of place whilst creating a visually robust building with a sense of timeless permanence and civic presence. 

A strong sense of place, permanence and warmth are key qualities which add social and economic value to residential development, satisfying core human needs for a sense of protection and belonging. The bold but simple repetitive nature of the building also allows for offsite prefabrication of components. It’s modular nature also reduces construction costs by reducing the number of construction details to a minimum, allowing each to be well refined and robustly detailed.

A raised ground floor and stepped approach from the south reinforces the buildings sense of civic presence, whilst facilitating informal seating overlooking the new square. A colonnade to the ground floor provides further animation to the square and allows for sheltered external seating for the leisure units, along with a dramatic entrance to the residential ground floor lobby.

Two central atriums, inspired by the best qualities of Liverpool’s court houses, create a more convivial environment for residents to interact with their neighbours. The atriums visually connect all the apartments, tying the building together and bringing a much-needed sense of community to city centre living. The atriums also allow for an additional three apartments on every floor allowing for the same number of units as the brief in a lower building (ground plus 13 stories), or allowing for a greater density of accommodation at the brief height of ground plus 17 stories. The Atriums also allow all apartments to be dual aspect and naturally cross-ventilated underpinning the buildings sustainable strategy. 

This ability to cross ventilate apartments is important as it allows us to achieve a very airtight and highly insulated façade, without the problems of summer overheating which many apartment buildings suffer from. Apartments to the north face overlooking the road also benefit from sunlight and clean air drawn in from the atriums. PV’s on the roof provide a renewable energy source for all landlord areas.

The elegant timeless design and robust detailing of our vision, combined with the central atrium’s and generous external amenity space imbues the scheme with a ‘must have’ quality which will ensure it stands out in a crowded market place. Ensuring the apartments are easy to rent not just now but in ten, twenty or thirty years’ time. Whilst our envelope first approach to sustainability minimises energy consumption and future proofs against climate change.