Grabbing hold of the pledge to Marie Curie with both hands, Corstorphine + Wright had an incredibly productive and active Summer, undertaking both the Wolf Run AND the Velo Birmingham!

A team of twenty made their way to Welsh Road Farm, Warwickshire to drag themselves over walls, under bridges, and through several feet of murky water. It was a tough course on Sunday 3rd September with the previous day’s runners having created an immensely slippy surface to attempt to run on, resulting in some spectacular slides and scrambles from every participant!  Everyone worked together on all obstacles, from helping each other over huge walls and providing a foot stand for the descent to dragging companions out of huge depths of filthy sludgy mud onto solid ground. All manner of obstacles were offered, and every single one of them was conquered. Completing in a time of 2hrs 10 minutes, everyone had a brilliant day and are gearing up to do it again! There wasn’t even a single complaint about showering from a hose.

Just a fortnight later, a team from our Stourbridge office rode to the challenge of the Velo Birmingham – 100 miles in one day. No easy feat! The route offered them stunning views of every county they passed through and a perfect opportunity for some team camaraderie as they pushed themselves up hills and across the country.  Their intense and tough training really paid off as they stormed the route in 8hrs (actual ride time 6hrs 45mins) – an absolutely phenomenal time to hit! By the sounds of it it’s same again next year…

Considering the efforts of training, fundraising, and motivation given by every single person who took part in Wolf Run or Velo Birmingham it is no surprise that colleagues and friends were all more than willing to donate to Corstorphine + Wright’s cause.

Together the two events raised an absolutely outstanding £1,590!!

Corstorphine + Wright is incredibly grateful to every person who donated. Their generosity and encouragement pushed people through the toughest times of each challenge and drove them through to the finish, with the fantastic result of our current yearly total of £5,879.19!

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