Kim Ebling Director

Kim has worked in the residential sector for over 20 years and has been instrumental to successfully contributing to many significant projects.

Kim immerses herself in projects to fully understand their unique challenges and encourages creative and critical dialogue to unlock the potential of a brief and site and discover the right solutions.

Her expertise lies in being able to reinvent existing buildings such as devloping a 60s highrise into social housing and completing a Retro PassivHaus (EnerPhit) Programme on an existing maisonette housing scheme.

Her close attention to detail and great care in safeguarding the design intent are supported by her collaborative approach with clients, stakeholders, consultants and contractors, in establishing and maintaining a shared value from project inception to completion.

Kim is also an external critic at Liverpool School of Architecture and party to the Aspire to Inspire School Programme. She is also a member of Women in Social Housing.

Expertise in action

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