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Architects don’t just observe from the sidelines; we actively engage in bolstering communities, crafting designs that can enhance economic resilience and cope with environmental challenges.

At the heart of our approach lies a commitment to understanding and addressing the genuine needs of the people our projects and studios serve.

We don’t just design; we analyse, plan, and target where need is most acute and opportunities can be most transformational. By immersing ourselves in the complexities of the communities where we work, we want to ensure our work resonates far beyond our designs and the places we create.

We imagine a future where humanity coexists in harmony with the Earth’s resources, allowing ample room for nature to flourish. We are committed to not only reduce our environmental footprint but also to actively contribute to the enhancement of natural ecosystems. By employing innovative design approaches focused on waste elimination and the promotion of a circular economy, our intention is to work towards a vision that generates positive outcomes for communities and clients alike.

We see each project as an opportunity to collaborate, bringing together a range of skills and perspectives from across the practice and external partners. You see this in the way our project teams work; in the way we partner with local authorities, consultants and design review panels; and in the way we promote social value.

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But our mission doesn’t stop there.

We believe in the power of collaboration and engagement. That’s why we actively seek out partnerships with diverse groups, organisations, clients, and other stakeholders. By fostering these connections, we work with individuals, groups, and organisations to amplify our positive impact, creating spaces that inspire, empower, and enliven.


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    As we open doors, not just to buildings, but to new possibilities for the communities we’re privileged to work with, we are committed to building a future where architecture isn’t just about structures – it’s about transformation, inclusion, and lasting and meaningful change for generations to come.



    As a business, our identity revolves around creating a positive impact. Achieving Net Zero and commitments to ‘Opening Doors’ and ‘Widening Participation’ underpins our approach. This goal requires more than just integrating these principles into our core values and everyday operations; it demands effective communication and management of our impact across all our activities. We prioritise our environmental and social commitments, alongside transparent monitoring, and reporting, to try and make a lasting and beneficial difference the communities and environments we interact with.


    Net Zero

    We prioritise low carbon designs meeting client needs, emphasising sustainability to achieve net zero carbon. With proven BREEAM accreditations, we ensure both project impact and financial viability. By applying Passivhaus principles and using carbon calculation software, we limit emissions and endorse circular economy practices. Our sustainability commitments involve measuring our carbon footprint and setting targets via a Carbon Reduction Plan. Guided by ISO 14001 certification, we monitor energy use, travel emissions, and waste production. We continuously track our progress towards net zero while setting new benchmarks.



    We do more than design buildings, we want to be catalysts for change, playing our part in (re)shaping the fabric of communities, making them more sustainable and economically and socially resilient. Architects don’t just observe from the sidelines; we actively engage in bolstering communities, crafting designs that can enhance economic resilience and cope with environmental challenges. Our aim should be to add value by cultivating genuine opportunities that help to empower individuals, improve wellbeing, and bring about lasting change.


    Opening Doors

    We embrace community-centric Impact, guided by our values and a desire to enhance quality of life for colleagues and local communities. In line with the UNSDGs we support, we champion inclusivity, equity, and justice. We try to reduce economic inequality through local recruitment, opportunities for career change, as well as leverage our wider business expertise to support local groups and charities. We prioritise sourcing from small local suppliers, helping to bolster their resilience, as well as collaborate with our supply chain to reduce carbon emissions.


    Widening Participation

    Corstorphine & Wright aims to increase diversity and inclusion in architecture via our ‘Widening Participation’ initiative, providing support, work placements, and design and career guidance to local schools and colleges. By partnering with like-minded organisations, we also provide mentorship and placements for underrepresented students, as well as tailored work experiences for students with complex learning disabilities. The meaningful change many communities deserve, and our industry desperately needs, means crafting genuine opportunities for students who typically don’t find themselves reflected in architecture, to experience it firsthand.



    Here at Corstorphine & Wright, we don’t just work together; we’re a vibrant community dedicated to each other’s wellness. Our ethos revolves around prioritising the health and happiness of our team members, embracing a holistic approach that values both physical and mental well-being equally. Fostering a positive and inclusive work environment entails implementing proactive Health & Wellbeing initiatives that underscore the importance of well-being. We actively encourage our team to care about each other, enabling colleagues to flourish both personally and professionally.


    Team working together and leveraging opportunities



    Throughout 2023, our various charity fundraising initiatives resulted in a combined total of £22,621.


    Hours of pro bono design work for charities in the past 12 months


    Students mentored through university and college collaborations


    Weeks of work experience delivered by our studios in 2023


    Corstorphine & Wright is a rewarding and fun place to work – with endless opportunities to progress your career.


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