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The Basing Optimisation Programme originated from the October 2010 Strategic Defence and Strategy Review.

This review concluded that all 20,000 troops in Germany would return to the UK by 2020. The DIO launched the programme to determine the best way to accommodate those troops.

We were part of the PSP core team supporting the DIO, developing the methodology for how architecture should be delivered across the MoD estate. The Architectural Guidance and Rule Book we produced became a key framework for the PSP design teams, establishing guidance on JSP 315 Accommodation Codes, pairing and sharing, design principles and acceptable standards.

We then played a crucial coherence role for the DIO, regularly reviewing the work undertaken by individual PSP project management and design teams.

We conducted a gap analysis across the whole estate – from South West England to Scotland – and our recommendations led to ministerial announcements on the site disposal strategy.

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Thanks to our innovative approach to the Basing Optimisation Programme, we were asked to support the DIO’s footprint strategy, the predecessor of the Defence Estate Optimisation Programme.

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