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This is a development project with Assura for the East of England Ambulance Service (EEAST) to provide a new building to accommodate its Make Ready Hub facility for the Bury St Edmunds area.

Make Ready is a staff friendly, vehicle preparation and cleaning programme that aims to maximise availability of resources for patients, while minimising risks to cleanliness, and critical equipment and vehicle failures. This Hub is the critical enabling infrastructure that will support EEAST’s ability to meet patient needs today and in the future. Make Ready Hubs have staff well-being and sustainability with future proofing ingrained within their purpose.


From the original scheme, we first looked at the proposed size of the building which was a 3 storey structure. We have reduced this to 2 storeys therefore reducing the volume of the building which will have a big impact on carbon in use i.e. the volume that is heated/cooled and also the carbon in construction through enhanced envelope.


We have achieved this mass reduction by decreasing the area of the “workshop” that doesn’t require height and running the office accommodation over the top as a single floor with the expansion space all on the same level.

For planning, this will help by reducing the height of the building and visually helps to tie the two elements of the building together.

The ground conditions on the site are poor and reducing the building to 2 storeys massively reduces the need for carbon intensive foundations and site works (by 30%) as well as also reducing construction costs.


We changed the orientation of the roof over the main two storey element to enable photo voltaic cells to be installed, further supporting net zero carbon aspirations.

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