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Darlington Fire Station was a complete rebuild as part of a wider plan to redevelop Darlington town centre.

The project began with an existing fire station, but the initial feasibility check revealed serious drawbacks to remodelling the 1970s building. We consulted with a range of stakeholders to discuss the options, including looking at alternative sites to avoid demolishing the original station. However, none were as central or as well-connected to the rest of Darlington, so we decided to design a new building on the existing site.

Working with local engineers in Darlington, we saw the project from design to handover, collaborating with a range of stakeholders throughout. These included consultations with the environmental agency due to flood risk and other site factors.

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We also worked closely with fire fighters to design a building that truly met their needs. Drawing on their input and our extensive bluelight experience, we created spaces that are not just unique, modern and stylish, but are also functional and instrumental in fostering wellbeing.

Amenities include changing rooms, showers, kitchens, dining spaces and a laundry area to help with fire fighters’ day-to-day comings and goings. The design also features mental health-focused areas, such as dedicated quiet rooms and a breakout space, which has a light and airy feel with large windows overlooking the river.


Importantly, we didn’t have to relocate fire fighters during construction. The North East Ambulance Service building had ancillary accommodation, which fire fighters were able to use. And we worked with the contractor to section off part of the site so work could continue as close to normal as possible, which was appreciated by the services. It was also encouraging for them to see their new workspace going up in real-time.

The entire building was completed in under a year.


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