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Corstorphine & Wright delivered a number of key schools projects with a combined value of £90 million.

These were developed for Leicester Miller Education Company (LMEC) as part of its £300 million Building Schools for the Future (BSF) programme.

One of the largest of these schemes  – with a combined project value of £40 million – was the redevelopment of Hamilton Community College and Nether Hall School. This saw the 2 schools rebuilt and co-located to increase capacity from 980 to 1,200 students.

As part of the redevelopment, the existing Hamilton Community College was entirely demolished except for its sports and science buildings.

Moveable walls create flexible spaces for small and large classes.

Each wing of the new Community College has been designed around a simple structural grid, so  faculties are easy to group or relocate in future. Moveable walls are provided in certain teaching spaces. These future-proof the building by allowing for the creation of larger, flexible spaces that can accommodate multiple class groups and enabling more flexible teaching options as teaching patterns change.

Circulation is designed around open voids throughout the building to eliminate the perception of corridors. This visually enhances the sense of movement through the school and helps improve student behaviour through visibility and peer presence. Access has also been carefully planned to allow for community use of sports and meeting facilities without compromising security.

Through careful planning and phasing, we ensured Hamilton remained operational throughout, preventing disruption to curriculum delivery.

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