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Corstorphine & Wright was appointed by the owners of Stockeld Park in Wetherby, to design a fantastic new children’s Indoor Play Facility.

Set in the grounds of the 2,000-acre Stockeld Park Estate, close to Wetherby in Yorkshire, Playhive at Stockeld Park features a series of themed and interconnected adventure zones set in a doughnut-shaped building with a 33-foot tower at its centre. The new building has impressive dimensions, having an internal area of over 20,000 sq ft. The £3.5 million structure has a total diameter of almost 130 ft, with the central circle spanning some 65 ft.

STOCKELD_07_1340 Playhive_01_1340

Whilst the park is predominantly an outdoor attraction, the building will help make the business more sustainable in differing weather conditions.

Playhive, reflects the sustainable and environmental aspirations of the park itself, and at 20,000 sq.ft, it is the UK’s largest indoor play facility.




The design of the circular building was driven by a need to respect and preserve the existing natural setting as much as possible. As such the building is carefully positioned and dug approximately two metres into the earth, so it softly sinks into the landscape. While it is an indoor facility, Playhive seeks to connect its users to the outdoors at all times. Internally, the building is themed into 4 key play zones with exciting installations comprising climbing equipment and slides all within a safe environment. The centrepiece to each zone is a constructed element that extends up into the rooflight area and are linked internally via high level gantrys.

Each year, tens of thousands of visitors come to the adventure park. Playhive is now complete and open to the public.

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