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Brett Everett-Adams achieves CIAT Professional Qualification

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By Ed Baverstock – 19th June 2023

There is further cause for celebration here at Corstorphine & Wright, as another one of our colleagues has achieved becoming a Chartered Architectural Technologist and passed his CIAT Professional Qualification.

Today we are celebrating Brett Everett-Adams who studied at Wolverhampton University before joining Corstorphine & Wright and is another success story of mentoring relationships at the practice. Congratulations on this milestone, Brett!

  1. What initially sparked your interest in the built environment?

‘My interest in the built environment was sparked at a young age through Lego. I enjoyed building Lego sets and seeing how things would piece together. I still do! This developed into an interest of how we design, build and piece together our buildings at a much larger scale.’

  1. What are some key lessons or insights you’ve learned throughout your career so far?

‘I have learnt that besides working to push and develop yourself, it is also important to have downtime. Take moments to help create the perfect work/life balance.’

  1. What advice do you have for those undertaking their CIAT professional qualification?

‘My advice would be to be yourself and conduct yourself in a professional manner. Even though it can be daunting to start with, all the hard work is well worth the satisfaction in the end.’

  1. How do you like to spend time outside of work?

‘I love to spend my free time building Harry Potter Lego sets, video gaming and spending time travelling and exploring the world with my wife.’

Brett joined Corstorphine & Wright on completion of his Technology Degree Course at Wolverhampton University. He has helped to re-enforce our relationships with our Industrial and Logistics sector clients and has proved a competent Technician who is always has a great work ethic. He is another success of the Corstorphine & Wright mentoring programme and our continued links with local Universities to collaborate with the best talent.

Mike Turner


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