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New Mixed-Use Scheme Approved in Rugby Town Centre

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By Ian Wilson – 18th April 2023

Central shopping centre in Rugby town is set to undergo a significant transformation with the approval from the local Borough Council for our new mixed-use scheme.

This redevelopment project will provide retail space on the ground floor and 200 residential apartments on the upper floors, cycle parking and rooftop amenities, with extensive landscaping and public realm spaces.

The scheme, Rugby Central, aims to create a positive environment that brings further vibrancy and facilities to the town centre. The activation of the residential blocks and the ground floor retail space will further help to create a sense of place, improving footfall while providing high-quality homes in the town centre and employment opportunities.

Our design process included careful consideration of Rugby’s heritage, particularly through bespoke fretwork panel designs on the retail shop fronts, taking cues from Rugby’s historical connections with aeronautical design. The inclusion of varied parapet heights helps to create visual interest and further breaks down the massing of the blocks along all principal elevations.

In addition to the new apartments, retail and public realm spaces, the development is also designed with sustainability in mind. The car-free scheme will encourage residents to use public transport, cycle or walk instead of driving, reducing carbon emissions and promoting a healthier lifestyle. The provision of cycle parking further encourages this sustainable model.

Overall, the Rugby Central Scheme is set to transform Rugby town centre, bringing further vibrancy, facilities, and employment opportunities to the area while preserving the town’s heritage. The proposed development promises to create a positive environment that benefits both residents and visitors to the town.

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