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Two New Passive House Designers at Corstorphine & Wright     

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By Karen Crowe – 23rd August 2023

In our ongoing commitment to addressing climate change, reducing waste, and positively impacting the environment, Corstorphine & Wright is delighted to announce our recent addition of new Certified Passive House Designers to our team.

Two of our talented team Christina Jerlehag and Matthew Usher have both completed the accreditation this summer and it has been fantastic to see them already inspiring and supporting colleagues to understand more about how Passive House can be applied to their designs.

The course, from the Passivhaus Trust and delivered by MosArt has equipped Matthew and Christina with the ‘latest principles of energy-efficient design, teaching them how to create comfortable, sustainable, and high-performance buildings.’

Corstorphine & Wright is committed to designing low energy, sustainable architecture which is climate robust, and this upskilling and expansion of our specialist team will allow us to apply the principles of Passivhaus to more and more schemes.

Congratulations to Christina and Matthew on their achievement and commitment to a more sustainable future.



“I’ve been interested in doing the Passive House course for a long time and when the opportunity presented itself, I decided now was the moment to make time for it. I have a genuine interest in sustainability and believe we as architects, designers and people who work in the construction industry should do as much as we possibly can to create as green and sustainable buildings as is possible. Not every project has to strive for the Passive House certification, but there are a lot of strategies and principles that could, and perhaps should, be applied to most projects. Something that surprised me throughout the course was how much impact a poor detail will have on energy use. When this is quantified to a liter of oil and scaled with the size of your project, the impact will most likely astound you. I have found the course extremely interesting, and I can’t wait to apply it in my work from now on.”

Christina Jerlehag


Matthew Usher_CW-050522-TyneSight-127_WEBSITE

“I decided to undertake the course as it is incredibly important for designers to understand how best to minimise environmental impact through our buildings. The design methods learned within the course are focused towards designing something to be Passive House accredited, however the principles around managing solar gain, combating heat-loss and improving airtightness can be applied to all projects and sectors. I found the course to be incredibly interesting and look forward to applying it in my career going forwards.”

Matthew Usher


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