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A new HQ building for Dorset Police on an existing site to replace the existing outdated and not fit for purpose building.

The new building will deliver new ways of working providing vibrant work areas that is both flexible and suitable for modern day policing requirements. The building has been designed to achieve BREEAM Very Good.

It will be built alongside the existing building before the existing building is demolished once the police have moved into the new building. The new building will provide a focal point to the site and needs to be of high quality.


The material palette proposed is purposefully simple, concentrating on using high quality materials to create a contemporary, timeless and robust building.

The ground floor is a brick plinth with more punch holed windows with curtain walling for the entrances. The brick is a robust solution in terms of security but also keeps the building ‘grounded’.

The first and second floor are fully curtain glazed to provide a bright and airy internal environment. The curtain walling will have vertical extended caps giving the facade rhythm. The frame, transoms and mullions will be anodised aluminium. The glazing will have solar control to help with overheating and glare. All the windows in the office spaces will also be provided with blinds.

The plant space on the roof will be dark grey aluminium louvres, where there is no ventilation is required this will be insulated, however using the same louvre profile all the way around provides a clean aesthetic.

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