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Through partnership and collaboration, we help maximise commercial, civic and social value.

Buildings don’t exist in isolation. They become part of the community fabric – a source of pride for people who use them and contribute to creating them.

We see each project as an opportunity to collaborate, bringing together a range of skills and perspectives from across the practice and external partners. You see this in the way our project teams work; in the way we partner with local authorities, consultants and design review panels; and in the way we promote social value.

This holistic approach helps ensure schemes achieve client goals, meet local needs and deliver lasting value.


Team working together and leveraging opportunities



Strong network of consultants across heritage, engineering, interior design and more



Hours of pro bono design work for charities in the past 12 months

Social Value


Students mentored through university and college collaborations



Local supply chain use in the past 12 months, driving local economic growth

Social Value


Corstorphine & Wright is a rewarding and fun place to work – with endless opportunities to progress your career.

Every project starts with a conversation.
Let’s discuss your opportunities, constraints and questions.

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