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Academic success for Magdalena Wanowicz

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By Rav Kumar – 7th July 2021

There are many stages to becoming a fully qualified architect, many years of hard work and, happily, many opportunities to celebrate our talented Corstorphine & Wright colleagues.

Magdalena Wanowicz, who is based in our Birmingham studio, is our latest Architectural Technologist to reach a milestone in her career and training.

Magda has six years of experience working in the industry and completed a BSc (Hons) in Architectural Technology and Practice at the University of Derby. She joined Corstorphine & Wright in 2019 and began her master’s degree, successfully completing it in July 2021.

It was her undergraduate degree that sparked Magda’s interest in sustainability in architecture in all possible aspects, which she then took through to her master’s research project titled ‘Sustainable Architecture and Healthy Buildings’.

‘I focused a lot on sustainable construction proposals in relation to reducing carbon footprint and improving energy efficiency. The course discussed healthy indoor aspects, such as biological, chemical or physical hazards.’

Both physical and environmental health need to be considered in tandem, for example ‘how to improve the indoor air quality when designing the building and during materials selection’ without compromising ‘a high level of occupants comfort with reducing energy use for heating and cooling.’ She continued that she unexpectedly learnt ‘how to use passive design and natural environmental aspects to gain free energy and reduce energy consumption in architectural projects.’

Magda enjoys working on residential schemes as ‘at first look, most residential projects can look very similar. However, in each project, we face different kinds of issues and challenges which makes them very interesting.’ She told us that she’d like to practise and apply her knowledge in real-life sustainable projects and in the long-term focus on the Passivhaus Standard.

‘I am inspired by the challenges and designs of the project, but also the environmental and sustainable aspects.’

Congratulations Magda! We really look forward to seeing what your forthcoming architectural work has instore for you, Corstorphine & Wright and the future of sustainable architecture!

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