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Beyond Carbon and Corstorphine & Wright collaborate on Passivhaus Design Lecture Series

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By Tom Higginson – 30th May 2023

Corstorphine & Wright is committed to designing low energy, sustainable architecture which is climate robust.

As part of this ongoing commitment, we have enjoyed a series of bespoke lectures during the first half of 2023 on the Passivhaus Standard and key design principles, delivered by Beyond Carbon, a Passivhaus and Zero Carbon Consultant founded by Dr Joel Callow and Chris Swinburn.

Across a series of six lectures, Joel and Chris have engaged with all 11 Corstorphine & Wright studios who hold a variety of skill sets ranging from experienced Passivhaus Designers to recent graduates.  They expanded on the climate challenges we face as designers, the aims of Passivhaus and proven successful methodologies for adopting Passivhaus into our approach.

Passivhaus is a reliable and robust method for delivering low energy and high performance buildings. This proven design standard delivers high levels of comfort and a healthy environment whilst drastically reducing energy usage within buildings. Passivhaus uses a whole building approach, ensuring high quality construction based on refined detailing and certified with an exacting quality assurance process.

An essential takeaway from the series was the importance of establishing key design principles and targets at the very beginning of the design process. Early adoption of a climate-robust strategy not only allows the project to be costed appropriately but ensures the architecture and sustainability goals are intrinsically linked and expressed as a coherent design.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with Beyond Carbon and working towards our shared goals to design exceptional, sustainable architecture and minimise climate impact.

In a time of unprecedented changes to the environment and the way we live, our role as designers and our commitment to designing energy efficient, comfortable and affordable buildings has never been so important. Socially and environmentally justifiable architecture through a fabric first approach is a core element of our design philosophy. Passivhaus is a proven standard and benchmark that we utilise to realise this approach.

Tom Higginson


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