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Shaping the future of Central Milton Keynes

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By Paul Turner – 15th December 2023

Corstorphine & Wright is pleased to have been appointed to work on the Masterplan Framework and Growth Opportunity Study that will guide delivery of the Council’s vision for Milton Keynes city centre.

This framework is set to be the compass for placemaking and growth in the heart of Milton Keynes, outlining strategies and policy recommendations for the New City Plan.

Central Milton Keynes is a place with great potential; it is already a successful regional shopping centre and home to major employers, with many investors recognising the opportunities that the area can provide.

However, despite this, there is still a massive amount of untapped potential and the need to guide future development to ensure it meets the city’s great ambitions.

Working with Milton Keynes City Council and fellow collaborators, our goal is to help create a vibrant, sustainable, and prosperous future for the city centre in the coming decades.

“Corstorphine & Wright’s contribution to the Central Milton Keynes Masterplan Framework and Growth Opportunity Study will focus on making sure the city centre has all of the facilities and opportunities that successful cities should have. We are working closely with stakeholders to ensure that the New City Plan embraces the distinctive modern heritage and urban form of Central Milton Keynes as well as promoting healthy, inclusive environments for people to live, work and spend time.”

Jonathan Tarbatt

Director of Urban Design

The New City Plan is expected to be submitted for review at the end of 2024.

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