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By Suzanne Ross – 18th September 2019

We’ve got two hugely exciting pieces of news to share today, both of which are helping to feed our ambition for further growth and development of the practice.

Firstly, we’ve secured investment from specialist investor, Beechbrook Capital that will help us to add some extra firepower to the practice by ensuring that we’re seen as being competitive and secure, that will in turn lead to more interesting projects and a strong pipeline of future activity.

Beechbrook was one of 10 investors that approached us, which is an amazing testament to our reputation as a practice which is a result of the significant contributions of everyone in the practice.

This investment also means that Corstorphine + Wright will see additional benefit from external expertise with a new non-executive director and chairman who, alongside our new Finance Director, Ben Round, will help us to grow effectively and add more benefits for our team.

Secondly we’re bringing together all of the individual practices that we’ve acquired over the years under a single umbrella.

This means that we’ll be acting as a single, unified entity and will be able to streamline our processes, making the practice more agile and efficient.

Neither one of these changes will impact on the ways that our company operates or how our outstanding team works, but they will provide us with significant benefits.

We are continuing to win some fantastic work and are working hard on other mergers which will be announced in the coming months, which will hope to expand existing studios and bring even greater diversity to our sector experience.

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